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using creativity to thrive through cancer

never underestimate the healing power of creativity

to activate the life-force within your body 

Nathalie Brewer - Cancer Thriver (not survivor)

Cell Regeneration Game 

Click on each cancerous cell to transform them into cells that are healed, whole and healthy. The process is surprisingly satisfying.


1. To START, press the green flag. Type your intention for today. For example: "Today I will drink 2L of water"

2. Press on each of the floating cells and watch them transform. Try visualising the same thing happening in your own body.

3. After all cells are healed, take a moment to gaze at them and contemplate your daily intention

4. To PLAY AGAIN, refresh this browser's page

Want to use this resource as part of a cancer wellness class?

Download the free lesson plan here

Want to make your own game? Go to

Nathalie Brewer

Artist, Speaker & Serious about cellular healing

At the age of 38 Nathalie was a single mother diagnosed with two separate types of cancer (bowel & breast). The first thing she did was change her pyjamas. This was closely followed by surgery, eating steamed vegetables, moving house & enrolling in art school. The rest is remission.