using creativity to thrive through cancer


All of life is created through the interplay of connections, right down to your very cells. To beat cancer, we have to be more powerful than our disease. Cancer cells like to behave in isolation. They segregate themselves from the rest of your body. I don't know about you, but that is exactly what I used to do in my social life. I often felt isolated, alone and would not call my friends or family for weeks on end. It was hard for me to admit that I yearned for more support and community in my life. 

Research has shown that people going through cancer must learn how to reach out and connect (D'ippolito et. al., 2017).  It is always good to start with friends & family. But sometimes we need to create new connections, seek-out our tribe, people who are like minded, who lift us up and make us curious.
I have built an incredible platform right here behind the pages of this website for people with cancer and their carers to join. We are building a community of artists, writers, painters and crafters who believe in the power of art to bring their mind and bodies into the full expression of being alive. Together we can show you're cells how it's done!
Once you register, you can join the Art Circle FORUM (see link in the members area below) to post pictures and stories about your own creations and comment on others. You can also click on peoples profiles and even make friend requests. 

Our Art Circle FORUM is a non-judgmental, encouraging space for you to post the silliest, the darkest, the most masterful or amateur of creations.  All is welcome. This is a place to practice being vulnerable, reach out and heal through creativity. In our forum, you can even share ideas for art projects that other people can try. Start by registering, create your profile, and add some information about yourself so others can get to know you. The whole idea is to support each other to thrive, create and relate!

Sharing your creativity with the world allows you to open your heart and connect to others and this is the exact medicine that cancer needs.  So let's do this together, one act of creativity at a time. 


 Supporting each other to thrive, create and relate!

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