using creativity to thrive through cancer

This video blog is an ongoing narrative of my approach, attitude and experience of being diagnosed with two type of cancer. I started posting these blogs to my facebook page a few weeks before I was first diagnosed in 2017. I knew something was up. I wasn't living in a body (or in a life) that I wanted.

So much has changed since those early days and I still continue to post these blogs because they allow me to feel the qualities of expression, vulnerability and connection throughout my ongoing dance with cancer; and these are the valuable qualities of creativity.

Confessions of Inertia
May 2017

Isolation VS Community
May 2017

Bowel Cancer diagnosis 
June 2017

1st Mistletoe Injection
June 2017

A Birthday for the body
23rd June 2017

Grief before bowel surgery
June 2017

I've enjoyed having cancer
June 2017

I shrunk my butt tumour
June 2017

When sh*t gets real
July 2017

Learning to reach out
August 2017

Article in Living Now
August 2017

Breast Cancer diagnosis
August 2017

Sing & laugh through cancer...

September, 2017
This song was written by Chloe Twohig, my seriously awesome friend who performed at a Backyard Benefit to help raise funds for my living expenses whilst going through cancer. She always makes me laugh whilst holding my hand.

Backyard Benefit is an inspiring way to crowd-fund for a friend in need. All you need is a backyard, a band & an event listing on the fb page to show someone they are worth gathering for. 

Disrupting old patterns/ creating a new lifestyle

November, 2017

Delaying surgery / Needing more time

January, 2018

This cancer needs a KING hit!

January 2018

It was recently explained to me that battling cancer is like being in the boxing ring with a super villain. You are there with your boxing gloves on, your fists are held high and you are jabbing punches left and right. Your opponent however is much bigger than you and never goes to sleep.

This fight with cancer is keeping me on my toes 24/7 and after 4 months of skipping around the boxing ring, I'm getting exhausted. The tumour in my breast is stagnant. Regular scans show that it occasionally increases or reduces in size. But that's not enough. It's time for a change of tactic. 

 I know I will only win this fight if I come up with some big 'king hits'. Today, I decided my king hits would be surgery.

Breast Surgery # 2
Infection after mastectomy

May 2018


Breast Surgery # 3
Back flap surgery
May 2018

Another King hit:
Chemotherapy is on the table

August, 2018

Chemotherapy: Time to catch those C Captains!
August, 2018

Remission is a project
November, 2018

The cracks are where the light gets in. Descending into 40
April, 2019

Breast Surgery # 4
Full lymph node clearance
August, 2019